UP Debate Society (UPDS) garnered back-to-back victories in international tournaments, as UPD 1, composed of Carlo Raphael Borromeo (III-BS Business Economics), Angelique Pearl Simbulan (IV-BA Political Science) and Alistair Jan Zosa (V-BS Business Administration and Accountancy), finished as grand finalists and 1st Runner Up of the 2nd United Asians Debating Championship (UADC) in the University of Macau, Macao, China on May 16-23, 2011; and as Nicolo Cabrera (Batch 2007, BS Psychology) was awarded Best Speaker of the Grand Finals and won the championship title as part of a composite team in La Salle Intervarsity (LSIV) 2011 in De La Salle University Manila.

    UPD 1 went against National University of Singapore’s Team 1 in the grand finals on the motion, "THW never offer amnesty to heads of state in the midst of possible regime change". The team, who just recently won the national championship, bested over 120 teams and 400 debaters from all over Asia. It was a historic moment for UP Diliman because the last time that the university reached the Grand Finals of this Asian-wide tournament was in 2001.

    UPD teams 2 and 3 also gave a strong performance in UADC. Both teams debated in the finals series. UPD 2, composed of Candice Kimberley Chung (III-BS Business Administration), Genica Therese Endaluz (IV-BA Political Science) and Jesus Nicardo Falcis III (II-Juris Doctor), lost to UPD 1 and finished as semifinalists. UPD 3, composed of Norman Cualteros (IV-BA Public Administration), Weston Coleman Lee (II-BS Industrial Engineering) and Garie Ouano (III-BS Economics), finished as octofinalists.

    UPDS adjudicators also reaped honor for the university. Anna Elvira Arcellana (Batch 2010 BS Biology) and Angelo Paolo Kalaw (Batch 2011 BS Economics) judged up to the Semifinals of the main break and Raymund Victor Vitorio (Batch 2009 BA English Studies) & Joanne Elizabeth Atienza (Batch 2010 BS Community Nutrition) were chosen to adjudicate the English for Foreign Language category Semifinals.  Justine Anne Conanan (IV-Non major) also broke as judge for EFL and Anna Carmela Que (III-BA Political Science) broke as a reserve adjudicator.

    Before UADC, UPDS garnered awards in La Salle International Intervarsity 2011. Cabrera’s composite team went against Arcellana’s composite team in the grand finals. Borromeo, Simbulan and Zosa finished as quarterfinalists. Chung, Endaluz, Falcis, Cualteros, Lee and Ouano finished as pre-quarter finalists.

    UPDS members and alumni also received individual awards in LSIV. Arcellana was named Best Speaker of the tournament. Endaluz was the 6th Best Speaker. Cabrera and Falcis were tied as 8th Best Speakers. Chung was the 10th Best Speaker.

    UPDS adjudicators were also recognized in LSIV. Nicole Gabrielle Kalingking (III-BA Philosophy) and Anna Que were quarter finals judges while Benedict Bismark (III-BS Business Economics) was a pre-quarter finals adjudicator.

written by:
Anna Carmela S. Que
III BA Political Science - UP Diliman
Vice President for Public Relations - UP Debate Society

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