By Marichris Bernardo, III BS Business Administration

Hello CAP!

See you all at XXXXX, XXAM.
Prepare your blah blah blah.
Don’t forget to blah blah blah.

CAP love,

Receiving a CAP brig, may it be an email or a text message, evokes us a myriad of feelings and thoughts – stress, fear, excitement, pride, passion and above all, LOVE. This then translates to exemplary performance and outstanding events. How do we do it? Let me share you a secret.

It’s just so amazing how CAP love and its values are exuded by all its members. From its Board of Directors, down to the staffs, the same values and passion for the organization are translated. Everyone does their tasks religiously and even goes beyond what is always expected of them. Imagine UP students from all walks of life (from Summa Cum Laude Laurence Go to student-achiever Diogenes Dy and OrgPres superstar a.k.a. Barbie, JL Roque!) come together in one Tambayan and make history for the organization.  CAP members are always wearing their game face on visages and are always carrying the will to win. For us, it’s not just getting things done; it’s getting things done the CAP way. By CAP way, I mean serving the lunch meal out of overwhelming love in every event, hosting and welcoming guests with oozing energy and of course, calling that sponsor up wearing that striking CloseUp smile even though they won’t really see you do it.  Just like what the popular song says, “I know, it’s crazy but it’s true.” It is indeed real that when you love something, everything else just follows. And I tell you; all CAP members will affirm you of that.

Now, enough of the drama! Let me walk you through to what has been a year for CAP. Let me do the honors to share with you what the AY 2010-2011 meant for every CAP member.

At the beginning

We didn’t just start the academic year right; we started it with a BIG BANG! Yes, every org says this but only a few live up to it. And CAP is but one of those few. 

Middle of the road
We CAPtured you with our jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring gallery this year. Having Ramon Bautista as an ‘endorser’ made it more attractive and relevant to our generation – techie, focused and goal-oriented. And with the photos of the ADs and of the BODs, we know we made up not just your day, but your entire week as well! Good thing, no photo was reported lost or whatsoever! After that, we put the two colleges into a CAPsule and provided those fresh faces from first year and the not-so-fresh faces from second year with the perfect formulation to success in their college lives. It’s just striking a balance among our many to-do’s and priorities -- from org work, academics to love life! After the event, all attendees felt more equipped to face their remaining years. We saw the AHA! Moments painted on their faces and said, “now they know!” It’s really fulfilling how we add value to their lives in simple things such as organizing these kinds of events.

And after bringing you INDORS, CAP decided to finally revamp it and create an entirely new event out of it, CAP’s pioneer event for 2010-2011, CAPtion: Career Path Orientation. We presented the various career paths available to every Econ and BA student and make every attendee an informed one. One of the highlights of the event was the amazing coffee served in the event! Thanks Kopi Roti! A few months later, we brought you TAJA (Total Approach to Job Application) and armed the students and soon-to-be movers and shakers of the corporate world with the right mix of professionalism and attitude towards job application. We gave you a 360-degree approach on how to ace that dreaded job interview and make that striking impression on the employer’s eyes. Most of all, we know you really waited for the powerdressing segment of the event! I myself did!

Next stop: our longest event… EVER. In our previous years, we brought you COERS (Company Exposure and Recruitment Seminar) twice. This season, it’s not even thrice or four times, but FIVE times! Take note, 5 times! Companies really trusted CAP and knew that we will give them the opportunity to strike that sweet spot in the perspective of the students. CAP really helped them to earn those pogi points!

And when the job-hunting season came in, we turned the College of Business Administration into the City of Dreams and brought you all to New York. February 1 to 4 was really a defining week for CAP. This year, we partnered with the biggest names in various industries and made them closer to every UP student. We have proved that we really live up to our core promise – to bridge the gap between the corporate world and every student, every student like you and me.

Where it all leads to

When faced with that question the second time around, “How do we do it?” Actually, I still don’t know how to answer it. All I know is that it just comes out naturally. Next year, watch out because, you’ll never know,  I might have the right answer and share that secret with you. But for now, just keep yourself posted ‘cause we plan to make it viral. You read it right! We’re spreading the love—the CAP LOVE! 

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