“Express yourself,” a cliché that even a fourth grader would not accept as an intellectual tag line, signified the launch of SIDHI’s fresh start this academic year 2011-2012. The question, as to why the official student publication of the UP School of Economics could not think of a better catchphrase, was retorted by the new set of Editorial Board members.

“Even ‘blah blah’ would’ve passed for a tag line… The thing is, whatever tag line we come up with, if the students believe they do not have the skill, they will not join SIDHI. The description ‘official student publication’ alone says it all.” Pamela Jean Corpuz, the incumbent editor-in-chief of SIDHI, said.

“Just think of it as a part-time GE subject,” says Louisa Camille Poco, the new Associate Editor. SIDHI is more of an outlet, a means of showcasing one’s talents and skills, than an organization. It may require a certain degree of effort from the members, because it is, in it’s own way, a servant to its target audience. It is the writers’ responsibility to entertain, inform, and provide sound opinions that would aid the readers into arriving at a personal conclusion. It is the voice of the meek and the shy. It is the School of Economics’ window to the outside world—anything beyond indifference curves and demand and supply.

In its more than 25 years of service to the UP School of Economics, SIDHI humbly tells all about the struggles of an organization nearly circling the drain and its schemes to save the concrete and most accessible means of communication among the Economics majors, the SE administration, and the various Economics organizations.

With merely eleven writers last year, SIDHI was able to publish three issues, along with a literary folio in March 2011. Now, through the School org fair, SIDHI was able to actively recruit 27 writers, artists, and photographers already gearing up for the release of the first newsletter this coming 26th of July.

This academic year, SIDHI is positively looking towards a revival, with the participation and cooperation of its newly appointed Editorial Board members—the others, namely: Juliette Laguda (Managing Editor), Rafaello Batobato (News Editor), Giselle Jose (Features Editor), Kevin Estopace (Layout Editor), and Madeiline Aloria (Graphics Editor). First on the list of objectives is the assurance of quality information, specifically by preventing stale news. In lieu with this, just for the first semester, the School of Economics will be provided with a newsletter monthly, beginning this July 2011, and an ultimate issue to cap off the semester.

written by:
Pam Corpuz
SIDHI Editor-in-Chief

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