25 Years of Career Assistance -
Decade to decade, projects that organizations endeavored evolved to become as diverse, multi-faceted, and engaging as possible. In a nutshell, such ranged from socially-relevant symposia to euphoric college parties—and now it develops to something where students discover a better sense of involvement. Career assistance, as the main goal of an organization, offers venues for career awareness, social interaction, and character development. In striving for excellence in all its endeavors, the UP Career Assistance Program CBA-SE consistently raised its brand equity to what it is now known for—service and excellence. These are the enduring thrusts of the organization. From one that solely provided assistance with seminars, it is now among the most sought for organizations today. Its members are empowered by the sense of service they realize in the relevant projects.

UP CAP has an eight-step program for the students: 1) the CAPture Gallery; 2) the CAPsule for the lower batches; 3) the CAPtion (Career Path Orientation); 4) the TAJA (Total Approach to Job Application); 5) the Mock Interview; 6) the COERS (Company Exposure and Recruitment Seminar); 7) the Career Fair, and; 8) the Mixer. However, the organization will celebrate its 25 years of service with more challenging goals: to provide scholarship, to integrate the rest of the undergraduate students of CBA-SE into the program, and to still raise the excellent standard in its projects and membership.

On its 25th year, the UP CAP will provide the highest quality of career assistance to all of its stakeholders. It frequently strikes students and faculty alike the obscurity of how to gauge this aim. Although of positive efficacy, it is not the share in the number of jobs or internships landed that will measure the service. It is the knowledge imparted, the confidence derived, the professional ties made, and the difference influenced to and for each of the students that UP CAP capitalizes in. These are, in strong belief of the organization, the factors which develop students to prime citizens for a dynamic world after college.

Some may have the impression that this only serves the self-interests of its students. But, seldom is it to consider thinking further that to capitalize in them makes greater positive differences in society. In hopes of contributing to nation-building, UP CAP invests in us through service, and in excellence.

written by:
Geoffrey Archangel D. Bautista
Assistant Director for Communications
 UP Career Assistance Program

3/22/2012 07:11:09

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