CNN's Latest Economics Issues -
CNNMoney: News flash! It's still a sluggish recovery! Remember when market bears and some naysayer economists were shouting "Double-dip recession!" from the rooftops just last month after some tepid jobs data? Pay them no mind.

CNNMoney: Obama talks jobs via Twitter "We the People" became more like "We the Tweeple" on Wednesday, as President Obama answered questions about the still-sluggish job market and broader economy in his first-ever Twitter town hall.

CNNMoney: The scariest risks to the economy U.S. policymakers are racing to reach an agreement before the debt ceiling is breached. But the biggest risks to the U.S. economy are mostly out of their hands.

Yellin presses Obama on debt ceiling Newly-anointed chief White House correspondent Jessica Yellin questions Pres. Obama on a debt ceiling deal and deadline.

The number that's killing the economy This is the only number that matters: 350.

Glastonbury tax activists target 'hypocritical' U2 U2 frontman Bono is usually lauded as one of the world's most vocal anti-poverty campaigners but at Glastonbury Festival on Friday he instead found himself the target of criticism at his band's alleged efforts to avoid paying millions of euros in taxes.

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