Goes the Now Generation.

The University of the Philippines School of Economics (UPSE) freshmen of AY 2010 – 2011 last June 7 marked their first day in the University in You are the Now Generation: The UPSE Freshmen Orientation 2010.

With the aid of the School of Economics Student Council (SESC) officers, Councilor for Media and Publicity Patrick Santos piloted the event, which lifted off with a series of lively and interactive introduction to university life with hosts Carlo Go and Joyce Ruiz.

Presiding Dean Prof. Gwendolyn Tecson gave the welcoming remarks, which was later followed by videos and performances by the seven UPSE-based organizations plus a side-splitting skit by the UP Repertory Company.

Seatbelts unfastened and ice broken, the freshmen later flew to their blocks whom they were meeting for the very first time. An afternoon of fun and bonding was in store as no less than the senior explorers sat in to be stewards of the freshie flight.

These upperclassmen volunteers rawr-ed (in the event’s Facebook page) to ensure every yellow-shirt clad freshman present was on a first class trip to becoming henyo’s in the in’s and out’s of their turbulent journey ahead.

Meanwhile, the shiftees and transferees too were undergoing their own orientation at SE 125. 

Avocado, cheese, plus cookies and cream ice cream in hand, the freshmen and their senior explorers then proceeded to the last leg of the day trip – a tour of the academic oval.

A day of videos, names, games, and talks later however, there was no sight of a runway to arrive at – only clouds and then later a vast expanse yet to be explored.

This was the beginning of every college freshman’s flight towards a star-spangled universe that is the university.

Written by: Kenn Chua, IV BS Economics

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