UP OBEM: Bringing In Evolution. Going Beyond Expectations. -
The UP Organization of Business Economics Majors (UP OBEM) is a duly recognized organization of the University of the Philippines.  It is one of the most dynamic socio-academic organizations to date providing a venue and creating an environment that is responsible to the needs of its members and conducive to social responsibility, academic, professional, and personal development.

UP OBEM takes pride in being a family here in the University. UP OBEM is not just of a group of individuals who have SE 122 to share; but a family, whose existence is highly valued by each member. It is a family steadfastly committed to the development of the members – individually and collectively. More importantly UP OBEM is a family yearning for the precepts of unity, service, and excellence with much passion and enthusiasm.

After more than 20 years of existence, the organization has been triumphant in furthering its goals and living up its precepts. UP OBEM continues, as a family, in its journey to become a unifying body for students who are committed to social service and academic excellence. Which is emphasized by this semester’s theme: Bringing in evolution. Going beyond expectations.

written by:
Allan Claridad
OBEM President

5/9/2012 19:09:42

i thoroughly enjoy to read this post. it's awesome dear. Thanks for sharing it.


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