To: School of Economics Community
From: School of Economics Student Council
Subject: Information on the actions taken in response to the Enrollment Survey Form Results

In response to the gravity and implications of the ESF results, the SESC has taken steps to raise the concerns of fellow students while trying to understand the position of the School of Economics Registration Volunteer Corps (SERVC) on the issue. We have talked with the SERVC Coordinator General at least twice regarding the matter, and the following issues were raised:
1.) What is the importance of the schedule? And is failure to comply with the format tantamount to failure to submit?
2.) Considering the sheer number of students affected, what is the best way to respond to the issue? What compromise can be reached, if any?

After talks between the SESC and the SERVC as well as among the directors of SERVC itself, the organization found it just to place the punishment of purging one (1) random slot in a pre-enlisted Economics subject as a compromise. On our part, we have pointed out the unintended consequences of this resolve. First, we were worried about possible overenlistment of Economics subjects. Secondly, we felt that this might only result to unnecessary and avoidable queues during registration period. Choosing to set aside efficiency, the SERVC deemed it prudent to drive the point regarding compliance for the betterment of future enrollment survey periods.

In light of this, the SESC hopes that the following information and channels will help clear uncertainties regarding the upcoming registration period:
1.) Freshmen will be unaffected by the purging of slots. None of their pre-enlisted Economics (and non-economics) subjects will be purged.
2.) Seniors who are taking Econ 199 need not worry about being relegated to the end of the line. Manual enlistment is unaffected by one's failure to submit a correct ESF.
3.) Should you wish to have your ESF double-checked for compliance or should you have other queries regarding registration, you may approach any SERVC director. You may also count on your batch representatives and SESC officers to course your questions to the SERVC.

The partial list of students who completed the ESF correctly have been posted here. You may click on the image to enlarge.    

A new list of ESF with considerations has also been uploaded. Please check if your name has been included.

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