SE RVC releases primer and tentative list of Econ subjects -
SE-RVC Announcements:

1. ESF survey period is from August 3 to August 27. Make sure to submit them right away. The
 list of Econ subjects to be offered this Second Semester is displayed below. Please fill out the ESF correctly and properly, with the following format shown below. Be reminded, No ESF, NO ECON ENLISTMENT. 



NAME: Nash, Steve                                                                                       Student No.: 08-21313

DEGREE: BS Econ                                                                                           College: ___SE______

                I intend to enlist in the following subjects for the _2nd_sem., _2010 -_2011_ 

Course No.                                                        Course Title                                                                     Schedule
Econ 101                                                        Macroeconomics                                                            WF 8-10 am

 Econ 102                                                        Microeconomics                                                            TTH 8-10 am
     Geog 131                                                     Philippine Geography                                                  WF 10-1130 am


           August 3, 2010                                                                                                          ____SN_____

                          DATE                                                                                                                     SIGNATURE                      

2. You may also download the RVC Primer, which contains guidelines on registration and all things academic.
Edit: The RVC Primer has been removed as advised by SE-RVC. You may download them however from your respective batch yahoogroups.
Please be guided. Thanks.

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